Technical Report XVII

Wolfram Demonstrations Project

Calculation of Diagnostic Accuracy Measures

T Chatzimichail, AT Hatjimihail


This Demonstration shows calculations of point estimations and confidence intervals for various accuracy measures of a diagnostic test for a disease. This is done for differing negative and positive test results of nondiseased and diseased populations and differing p-values for the estimations of the lower and upper bounds of the confidence intervals. The calculated measures are the sensitivity, the specificity, the positive predictive value ("PPV"), the negative predictive value ("NPV"), the (diagnostic) odds ratio ("OR"), the likelihood ratio for a positive test result ("LR+"), and the likelihood ratio for a negative test result ("LR-"). The measures can be selected using the menu. The negative and positive test results of the nondiseased and diseased populations, along with the p-value, are chosen using the sliders.




Chatzimichail T, Hatjimihail AT. Calculation of Diagnostic Accuracy Measures. Technical Report XVII. Drama: Hellenic Complex Systems Laboratory, 2018.

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