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Hellenic Complex Systems Laboratory

Hellenic Complex Systems Laboratory (HCSL) is a virtual research laboratory, devoted to the transdisciplinary study of complex systems. Founded in 1993 in Drama, East Macedonia and Thrace, Greece, has been owned and operated by the Chatzimichail family since then.

HCSL exists as an unincorporated association.

HCSL Logotype

HCSL Logotype

Copyright © 1993, by A. T. Chatzimichail, HCSL. All rights reserved.

HCSL Motto

HCSL Motto

'All is one' (Heraclitus, On the Universe, I ).

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Research Organization Registry (ROR) ID: 00zp1hf53

International Standard Name Identifier (ISNI): 0000 0005 1264 197X

Wikidata ID: Q117031658

Ringgold ID: 661733

Standardisation of Hellenic Names

The standard ELOT 743 (which is identical with the ISO 843) is currently being applied for the transliteration of the Hellenic names into Latin characters. Accordingly, the Hellenic family name Χατζημιχαήλ is transliterated into Chatzimichail instead of Hatjimihail.

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