Technical Report XIV

Wolfram Demonstrations Project

Relation of Diagnostic Accuracy Measures

T Chatzimichail, AT Hatjimihail


This Demonstration examines the relation of pairs of accuracy measures of diagnostic tests applied on normally distributed nondiseased and diseased populations. This is done for differing prevalence of the disease, taking into account the means and standard deviations of the populations. The means and standard deviations are expressed in arbitrary units. The measures considered are the positive predictive value ("PPV"), the negative predictive value ("NPV"), the (diagnostic) odds ratio ("OR"), the likelihood ratio for a positive result ("LR+") and the likelihood ratio for a negative result ("LR-"). The measures can be selected by clicking the respective "plot" and "versus" buttons.




Chatzimichail T, Hatjimihail AT. Relation of Diagnostic Accuracy Measures. Technical Report XIV. Drama: Hellenic Complex Systems Laboratory, 2018.

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