Technical Report IX

Wolfram Demonstrations Project

Analysis of Diagnostic Accuracy Measures

T Chatzimichail


This Demonstration shows various diagnostic accuracy measures of a diagnostic test for normally distributed nondiseasdy and diseased populations, for various values of the prevalence of the disease, and of the mean and standard deviation of the populations. The mean and the standard deviation of each population are measured in arbitrary units. The measures shown are the positive predictive value (PPV), the negative predictive value (NPV), the (diagnostic) odds ratio (OR), the likelihood ratio for a positive result (LR+), and the likelihood ratio for a negative result (LR-). The measures are calculated versus the sensitivity or the specificity of each test. That can be selected by clicking the respective button.




Chatzimichail T. Analysis of Diagnostic Accuracy Measures. Technical Report IX. Drama: Hellenic Complex Systems Laboratory, 2018.

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