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Hellenic Complex Systems Laboratory,
21st Kostis Palamas Street,
66131 Drama,


+30 2521058227

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Mrs Gesthimani Katsidou, R.N. (retired),
Secretary General,


The HCSL Motto

HCSL Motto

The HCSL motto, meaning 'all is one' (Heraclitus, On the Universe, I).

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The Hellenic Complex Systems Laboratory exists as an unincorporated association.

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On the Standardisation of the Hellenic Names

The standard ELOT 743 (which is identical with the ISO 843) is currently being applied for the transliteration of the Hellenic names into Latin characters. Accordingly, the Hellenic family name Χατζημιχαήλ is transliterated into Chatzimichail instead of Hatjimihail.

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1993 - 2023
30th Anniversary of the Hellenic Complex Systems Laboratory